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Faculty Search Candidate Campus Visit Funding


Applies to: LSA Chairs, Directors, Chief Administrators
Related Policies:   Establishing a Faculty Appointment
Date Issued: May 2013  
Date Revised: April, 2017
Owner: LSA Office of the Dean – Academic Affairs  
Primary Contact:   Academic Affairs Senior Manager


Effective July 1, 2017


The College’s long-standing commitment to excellence and diversity requires that our departments make efforts to solicit applications from and recruit candidates that:

  • Come from an educational, cultural, geographic, linguistic, or socioeconomic background that is underrepresented in their discipline in the United States or at the University of Michigan.
  • Have demonstrated commitment to diversity in the academic, professional, personal, or civic realm through their research interests, work or life experience, volunteer engagement, or leadership of student or community organizations as evidenced in materials submitted in the application for the position.

The College asks Chairs/Directors to consider these criteria in order to assemble a diverse pool of candidates to interview; use the comment box in the pool report/campus visit form/tool to describe the overall pool and how your candidates were chosen in light of these criteria.

To facilitate recruitment efforts, for an authorized active search, LSA provides $1,750 per candidate, for a limited number of campus visits. For field specific searches, LSA will fund up to three campus visits. Open searches yield more diverse pools; therefore, LSA will fund up to a maximum of six candidates provided that there are at least 55 applicants.  For open searches that attract fewer than 55 applications, the campus visit expenses for a maximum of 10% of the applicants will be funded.

In addition, to qualify for the maximum funding, departments must meet the following conditions:

  1. Demonstrate a good-faith effort to obtain demographic data for applicants.  The College-wide response rate for demographic data is over 50%, and almost all searches get at least 25% response rate.  Lower response rates will require explanation.
  2. Recruit an applicant pool that generally reflects the demographics of the Ph.D. degrees that are granted in the relevant field(s).  Failure to recruit a generally representative applicant pool will require explanation.
  3. Propose an interview list which reflects the demographics of the applicant pool.  Failure to propose a generally representative interview list will require explanation.

Failure to meet these three expectations could lead to a re-opening of that stage of the search; therefore, we encourage departments to provide a description of the pool, to describe how it meets these objectives, and to explain any deviation from the College’s expectations.

LSA will also provide $2,730 for one candidate to return to campus for a second visit for each year of an authorized active search.

Person-Specific Recruitment:

Units may be reimbursed $1,750 for person-specific search visits (max 2 per year) with prior approval from their Associate Dean.  It should be noted that serial visits for the same position indicate that the nature of the position is no longer person-specific and would therefore not qualify for the aforementioned reimbursement. LSA will also provide $2,730 for one candidate to return to campus for a second visit once the department has made an offer.


The above policy for authorized open faculty positions also applies to approved Lecturer III and IV searches.  The maximum reimbursement amount per year is $1,250 per candidate for a maximum of two candidates and is intended to support travel and associated visit costs.

LSA Faculty Pool Composition Report:

The LSA Faculty Pool Composition Report is the form used to obtain approval to bring faculty and lecturer candidates to campus.   A copy of the pool report, approved by the appropriate Divisional Associate Dean, will be provided to LSA Finance as supporting documentation of authorized campus visits.  LSA Finance will use accumulated Pool Reports to reimburse departments for faculty visits annually in the month of June.

This policy can be found on the LSA website at the following link:


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