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Courtesy (aka Dry) Appointments & Renewals for Tenure Track Faculty

Tenure-track faculty members may request a courtesy (aka dry) appointment in an LSA unit or in a unit at another school/college.  These non-tenure-track appointments are known as courtesy or dry because they are neither regularly effort bearing nor are they on the tenure-track.  Initial courtesy appointments require College Executive Committee approval at the junior rank and Provost/President approval (in some cases) and Regents approval at the senior rank.

In LSA courtesy appointments are limited to 5-year renewal terms.

For junior (tenure-track) faculty, the initial appointment and the 3rd-year review are particularly appropriate times to consider adding a courtesy appointment.  However, changes in title may not be made in the two years leading up to the tenure review.  Senior (tenured) faculty members may request a courtesy appointment at any time.

Effective dates for all courtesy appointments are limited to January 1 and September 1.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is not required for a courtesy appointment.


Courtesy Appointment Requests:

The process begins when a faculty member makes a request to add a courtesy appointment and next steps are outlined below:

  1. Initial approvals come from the units involved.  If one of these units is outside LSA, approval from the dean of that school/college is also needed.
  2. For junior and senior faculty, the next approval is from the LSA Executive Committee.
    1. For junior faculty no higher approvals are needed.  Once the unit receives email notification of Executive Committee approval, the appointment paperwork may be sent to the LSA HR Transaction Team (see Submitting Appointment Paperwork below).
  3. For senior faculty:
    1. If the courtesy appointment involves only LSA units, no Provost or President approvals are needed.
    2. If the courtesy appointment involves units from outside LSA, the next approvals are from the Provost and President of the University.
    3. Once the unit receives the email notification of Provost and President approvals (if required), the candidate may be notified that his/her request has been approved.
    4. The Dean’s office will then submit a request to the Regents.

Because these appointments are limited to five-year terms, re-appointment paperwork must be submitted to HRRIS.  Although College Executive Committee approval is not needed for renewal of a courtesy appointment, Provost and President approvals (where required) and Regents’ approvals are needed for senior faculty.  At least 3 months prior to the end date of the courtesy appointment, contact Kathe Harrison (; 615-0658) on next steps for renewals Under new HRRIS guidelines courtesy appointments will no longer have a grace period for renewal and will be terminated at the end date.

Once the appropriate steps are completed, the appointment paperwork may be submitted to the Dean’s office (see section on Submitting the Appointment or Renewal Paperwork below).


Preparing a Request for Executive Committee Approval:

Send request packets for the initial appointment to Mandy Harrison (; 2150 LSA Bldg., 615-0659) for scheduling on the next available Executive Committee agenda – see the College Executive Committee calendar of meetings and due dates.

The packet should include:

  1. A memo or email request from the faculty member;
  2. A current CV;
  3. A cover memo addressed to the College Executive Committee and signed by the chair(s)/director(s) of all the units involved.  The memo should discuss:
    1. what role the faculty member will play in the unit; e.g., mentoring junior faculty and students, conducting a seminar, providing expertise in an area not covered by current faculty in the unit, etc.;
    2. the effective date of the appointment.
  4. If the cover memo does not include a signature from the primary unit/school/college, include a memo or an email from the chair/director/dean of the primary unit/school/college stating they are aware of and support this courtesy appointment.


Submitting the Appointment or Renewal Paperwork

  1. Junior faculty– Once the Executive Committee has approved the request, units may send the submittal to Deb Erskine (2156 LSA Bldg) for processing.
  2. Senior faculty – Once the Executive Committee has approved the request, the Dean’s office will forward the request to the Provost and President for their endorsement (if appointment is across school/college lines).  Once we have their approval, units may notify the faculty member. 
  3. Kathe Harrison ( ) will prepare the request to the Regents. Once Regents’ approval is received, units may send the submittal to Deb Erskine (2156 LSA Bldg) for processing.