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Retroactive Language Credits

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LSA students may earn up to a maximum of 8 retroactive credits for prior academic work completed in French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Modern Greek, and Yiddish. To earn these credits students must complete an upper-level course into which they were placed with a grade of B or better.

Details and Restrictions

  1. This policy is effective for all students whose first term of enrollment in LSA is Fall 1997 or after. Students who entered LSA before Fall 1997 are not eligible for retro-active language credit.
  2. Students must successfully complete a designated course on the U-M—Ann Arbor campus with a B or better.
  3. The course taken to earn retro-credits must be the first college course in the foreign language and must be designated as appropriate for this purpose by that department.
  4. Although there is no time limit on retro-credit, students are advised to complete coursework and apply for retro-credits within their first year of enrollment in LSA.
  5. Taking a designated course Pass/Fail disqualifies students from receiving the retroactive credit.
  6. Transfer students are not allowed to earn double credit for the same work. That is, transfer students may either receive transfer credits for the foreign language or retroactive credits given through successful completion of the designated course, but not both.
  7. Students may receive a maximum of 8 credits through AP/IB examination and/or retroactive credits. For guidelines on AP/IB credit, consult an LSA academic advisor or the relevant language department.
  8. Retroactive language credits are available only to students who began learning French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Modern Greek, or Yiddish as a second/non-native foreign language, primarily in a school setting. Students with native language fluency (i.e., students who learned the target foreign language in ways other than formal schooling/instruction) are not eligible to earn retro-credits in that foreign language. Unusual cases will be addressed by the individual departmental department advisors.

How to Apply for Retroactive Credits in French, German, Hebrew, Latin, Modern Greek, and Yiddish

  1. If your placement is 232 (202 for Hebrew and Modern Greek), enroll in 232 (202 for Hebrew and Modern Greek). If you have placed out of the language requirement, enroll in a designated upper-level language course in that language.
  2. Fill out the Application for Retroactive Credits. Return this form to your instructor as early as possible during the term.
  3. Complete the course with a grade of B or better.
  4. The department will forward it to the LSA Academic Advising Center or the Honors Program Office for authorization.

If you are awarded credits, approximately 2 months after the end of the term, it will appear on your transcript as “Credit By Exam.” If the term has ended and you have not applied for retroactive credits turn in your application at the LSA Academic Advising Center, 1255 Angell Hall.