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Final Exams

The Final Exam Schedule is published in the University Schedule of Classes.  The Schedule of Classes is available at

The Faculty Code states:

"The official examination schedule should be followed; and the instructor may not depart from the schedule."

Instructors may administer an hourly exam during a regular class meeting (the last class of the term, for example), but cannot give any test then that would be longer than the regular length of the class meeting, and cannot schedule any exams or classes during Study Days. The Faculty Code allows for the possibility that an individual student might need to take the final earlier or later than the designated time, and such is possible by mutual agreement of instructor and student; but there cannot be a class vote, or similar action, to cancel the regularly scheduled time of the exam and substitute another time.

If an instructor wishes to request an official change in the time for your final exam, he/she must contact the Registrar's Office, 1210 LSA Building, 764-6280.

If an instructor changes the published assigned time of the exam, any student who wishes to take the exam at the assigned time must be allowed to do so.

If any student is assigned four examinations during the same day, the student can request a letter from the University Registrar seeking rearrangement of one exam.

University of Michigan's Final Exam Policy