Professor Catherine Badgley has been elected a Fellow of the Paleontological Society, the largest professional society for the field. Fellows are members of the society who have made significant contributions to paleontology through research, teaching, or service to the profession.

“Catherine is known especially for her work in taphonomy (a subdiscipline dealing with sampling issues encountered in using the fossil record to make inferences about past populations and ecosystems) and in faunal dynamics (study of long-term controls on diversification and extinction) in terrestrial ecosystems," said U-M Professor Daniel Fisher. Fisher is a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, earth and environmental sciences and the curator and director of the U-M Museum of Paleontology. He is also the Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology and is internationally renowned in the field.

“Her work has given us insights into the environmental context of early hominid evolution and has provided some of the longest continuous records of particular terrestrial ecosystems. These records are now being used to address important questions such as how diversification and extinction rates respond to climate change and topographic heterogeneity. In addition to Catherine's research, she served as the president of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, a major service role within her discipline.” 

Badgley is an assistant professor in the U-M Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Residential College, where she is also program head, Science, Technology, and Society. In addition, she is a research scientist in the Museum of Paleontology and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The Paleontological Society is an international nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology. The society was founded in 1908 in Baltimore, Md., and was incorporated in April 1968 in the District of Columbia. Fellows are nominated by members of the Paleontological Society, nominations must also have the support of two active Fellows