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Q&A session with Beth Pringle and Bob Woods

Monday, March 2, 2015
12:00 AM
Kraus Natural Science Building graduate student lounge

A career development workshop about the transition from grad school to post-grad school working life.

This career development workshop features Beth Pringle and Bob Woods who will answer graduate students questions about the transition to working life after grad school. Please bring questions – this workshop is meant to be interactive and engaging. They are not planning a 50 minute talk. 

Pringle has a strong research focus on plant-insect mutualisms, with some very cool recent papers on ants - you can read more about her work on Pringle's website:

Woods earned his Ph.D. from Richard Lenski's lab at MSU before going on to the University of Chicago to pursue his M.D. Woods combines his knowledge of ecology and evolution to study global rotavirus dynamics and distribution.

These Q&A sessions are excellent for understanding the various routes one can take in academia, and for general career advice. 

Beth Pringle, EEB Assistant Professor and Michigan Fellow and Bob Woods, EEB postdoc and clinical lecturer, U-M Hospital