To celebrate Professor Alan Deardorff's 65th birthday, in October, 2009 a Festschrift in his honor was held at Rackham Auditorium. Attended by the leading scholars in international trade from around the world, it featured panel sessions whose participants reflected on Professor Deardorff's contributions combined with their own thoughts . The conference was organized by two of Alan's former students at U-M, Drusilla Brown of Tufts University and Robert Staiger of Stanford University, together with Robert Stern, economics professor emeritus at U-M and Alan's long-time collaborator.

The conference volume has now been published as part of the World Scientific Studies in International Economics. It is entitled "Comparative Advantage, Growth, and the Gains from Trade and Globalization: A Festschrift in Honor of Alan V. Deardorff." The volume, edited by Professor Stern, includes reprints of a number of Professor Deardorff's most important papers, the reflections of many of the Festschrift participants, and the text of a Citigroup Foundation Special Lecture by Paul Krugman entitled "Reflections on Globalization: Yesteryear and Today." More information on the volume is available at:

Congratulations, Alan!