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Dr. Steven G. Henry received his PhD in Geophysics from the University of Michigan in 1981, and then began working in the petroleum industry with Conoco. At Conoco he processed seismic data, taught their 3 week seismic processing school and then transferred to international exploration. Steve left Conoco and focused on seismic interpretation, project management (Chad) and training, including most recently (2007), relating what is seen on seismic data to actual field geology in the Southern Rio Grande Rift (Rift Institute For Teaching and Training (RIFTT), New Mexico).

Dr. Henry has interpreted seismic data for the past 28 years with a strong focus in the rift tectonics of Africa, Brazil and India. He has first authored over 30 professional presentations (additional co-authorships), and received the Matson Award (1994) for the Best Oral Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the AAPG, and a Top Ten Award in 2009 at the International AAPG in Rio de Janerio.

Steve’s research interests are focused on developing a better understanding of continental rifting, basin formation, and the petroleum systems that develop within and overlying rifts. For the past 8 years he has interpreted over 100,000 km of Pre-Stacked Depth Migrated (PSDM) mega-regional (SPAN) 2D seismic data along the deep water margins of the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Steve identified new potential petroleum systems along these margins, including the state oil company in Angola helping them define their new pre-salt plays. 

Over the past couple of years Steve has been moving towards retirement, working less and taking up golf, hunting, welding and volunteering on village committees gaining the title of Commissioner.