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Born:  Caracas, Venezuela, 13 March 1956

Academic Degrees:  

Wellesley College, BA, Geology, 1977.

University of Michigan, MS, Geology, 1982 (Kyger C Lohmann and James L Wilson co-advisors).  Thesis topic:  Isotopic Criteria for Multiple Events of Phreatic Cementation, Lower Cretaceous Sligo and Cupido Formations.

Washington University, PhD, Geochemistry, 1990 (Lynn Walter, advisor).  Dissertation:  Elemental and Isotopic Evolution of Formation Waters and Diagenetic Minerals During Burial of Carbonate Sediments, Upper Jurassic Smackover Fm, SW Arkansas.



Current Position:  Exploration Project Manager-Brazil, Pacific Rubiales USA, Inc.  Primary responsibility is to contribute to Pacific's material resource growth through management of exploration programs in non-operated blocks in Brazil's Santos, Para-Maranhao, and Foz do Amazonas Basins.  

History:  Progression of posts as Exploration and Exploitation geologist, starting in 1977 at Lagoven, S.A. (Venezuela); Amoco (1990-1999), Vanco Energy Company (1999-2004); Repsol (2004-2005); ConocoPhillips (2005-2013), and Pacific Rubiales USA (2013-present).


Multi-lingual, addicted to running (ok, swimming and cycling, too), avid nature photographer.