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Multiple Line Excel Template for Online Purchasing System

For orders with multiple lines, you can fill out this Microsoft Excel sheet and copy and paste the rows directly into the system.


Purchase Computer Hardware and Software

Please contact LSA IT directly for computer, printer and associated supplies orders.


Use M-Marketsite

Marketsite can be used to shop U-M Preferred Vendors.  Please assign your cart to "nkings" then place your order in the Online Purchasing System as usual, but instead of entering any of the items included in the cart, enter "Marketsite cart assigned to nkings" in the item description and list quantity of 1 and the cart total for the price.  


U-M Strategic Suppliers

U-M strategic suppliers have standing contracts with the University to provide goods and services. Purchasing from these suppliers should be considered a first priority before looking to purchase from external vendors such as


Sole Source Justification Form (will download)

For orders totaling 10K or more use this form. Also attach your Quote provided by the vendor and the Sole Source form to the ticket. If the ordered item will replace or be adding on to an existing piece of equipment, include the U-M tag# from the old or existing equipment and the building and room # of its location.


Archived EARTH Orders

While orders can no longer be placed in previous ticketing system, you may refer back to tickets placed in that system.

Questions? Contact LSA Purchasing.

LSA Purchasing Position Phone Uniqname
Sven Anderson Business Manager 615-2956 andersos
Diane Overholt Senior Financial Specialist 764-4005 doverhol
Mary Ann King Administrative Clerk 647-3284 making
Nancy Kingsbury Purchasing Clerk 647-3925 nkings
Barbara Askew Purchasing Clerk 763-3062 blaskew
Emily Sejfulla Purchasing Clerk 647-3937 esejfull
Christine Hobbs Purchasing Clerk 764-3601 chobbs
Carol Berry Purchasing Clerk 763-2073 carolly
Charisse Fox Purchasing Clerk 764-3814 foxchari
Aaron Seagraves Purchasing Clerk 763-6606 aseagrav