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Computer Lab

The CSCS computer lab is located in 120 West Hall. If you would like access to the lab, please send a message to All users must have CSCS logins in order to access the machines. Users must also be added to an access list for the room which is restricted by a card reader. Once you are added to the list, you can enter the room by swiping your M-Card (U-M ID card) in the reader.

The lab has 20-25 desktop computers, all with 20" or larger monitors. The lab machines are all Redhat or Ubuntu Linux, with shared home space on a RAID server. There is a mix of single and dual processor, multi-core machines. Some also have NVIDIA graphics cards that support CUDA. Besides the usual software provided with Linux, there are also many general (e.g. Mathematica, Matlab) and specialized (e.g. Repast, Netlogo) software packages for creating, running and analyzing computational experiments.

There are also a few open ethernet jacks and U-M wireless access for user laptops with DHCP, and some 24" screens that can be attached to laptops.