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Fellowships & Funding

All graduate students in the graduate program are on similar packages of financial support. First-year students are on fellowship and do not teach. Program Fellows receive a stipend as well as support which covers tuition, registration fees, and health insurance. In addition, summer funding is provided in the first four years. Students in years two through four are graduate student instructors (GSIs). GSIships provide a stipend, tuition, and healthcare. In the fifth   year students either teach or are on fellowship. Additional funding is available each year for travel to give conference papers, to learn languages, or to do dissertation research.

The graduate program limits financial support for graduate students to ten terms (five years). Study abroad programs (Montpelier, Lausanne, Mainz, DAAD, etc.) and fellowships awarded by independent organizations do not count toward the ten-term limit.

Travel Grant Application

Students who wish to travel to learn languages or to do research are encouraged to apply for funds. Please submit the application to our student services office.