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Application Process

Application Deadline:  December 15

The application process for the graduate programs in Classical Studies is administered by the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. You should consult Rackham’s website for Rackham-specific admissions requirements. Once your application is submitted, our department will have access to view and print your materials for review by the Admissions Committee.

The Department does not require a separate application for fellowships administered by the Department.  However, other forms of aid — other fellowships, work/study, and student loans — will require separate applications and other financial statements. Consult the web pages of the Office of Financial Aid.

You must submit the application and all other required materials (including transcripts) by December 15 to be considered for admission to the graduate program for the following academic year. Incomplete and late applications will be considered whenever possible, but in most years decisions are made shortly after the deadline. The Department admits new graduate students for entrance only in September. All decisions are made by March 15 and you will be able to see online that decisions have been made. Admitted and wait-listed students will be contacted directly via phone or email. All others will receive notification via email.


To apply to the Ph.D. program or M.A. programs, please fill out an application online. Whatever you submit online will then be available to both the Department and the Rackham Admissions Office and so will not have to be submitted by mail (with the exception of one set of official transcripts which must be sent to Rackham, please see item #7 under Application Requirements, below).

Rackham program codes for Classical Studies:
Ph.D. program: 00124
M.A. or M.A.T. in Latin: 00130                  
M.A. in Greek: Please contact the department

Mail-in Applications are only available in extreme situations where you are unable to submit online, and after contacting the department. Please contact our Graduate Coordinator, Molly Cravens, for further information regarding mail-in applications.

Application Requirements

The following materials are required for consideration to the Ph.D. program. You should submit all materials by uploading them into your online application. All materials are due on December 15.

  1. Completed Rackham application
  2. Three letters of recommendation.  Please make sure that you register three recommenders when you fill out the online application even if you don’t yet know who the third will be.  If you only enter one or two and click submit you will be unable to go in the ApplyWeb system and enter a third later.  We recommend that you enter a placeholder name which you will be able to go in and change in ApplyWeb under Review Your Activity.  If you or your recommenders will be submitting letters of recommendation by paper, include this Letter of Recommendation form with your submission.  Please have these letters sent directly to the department via US Mail.
  3. Statement of Purpose - Briefly explain the nature of your study in Classics or related fields, your primary areas of interest (if known), what studies you would like to pursue in graduate school, and whether there are any Michigan faculty with whom you would especially like to work. Upload at the Statement of Purpose page.
  4. Personal Statement - Please use this statement to help us understand how you have come to be interested in Classics, what special challenges you might have faced, what relevant experiences you might have had, and what aspirations you have for the future. Upload at the Personal Statement page.
  5. Resume or CV. Upload at the Resume or CV page.
  6. Scholarly writing sample - Preferably a paper or thesis that you have submitted in a pertinent course (20 page limit).  Upload at the Writing Sample page.
  7. Transcripts – Please scan your official or unofficial transcripts and upload them with your online application.  This will be sufficient for the Department’s admissions file and is our preferred method of receiving your transcripts. Please include transcripts from institutions from which you received a degree or from which you took courses relevant to your application. (If you decide to have your transcripts mailed to the department rather than upload them, we must receive them by the due date of December 15.  Please order them well ahead of time to make sure they reach us by the deadline.)

    In addition to uploading your transcript to the online application, all applicants are required to mail one set of official academic records/transcripts from the institution awarding a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional and/or Doctoral degree to the Rackham Graduate School. If you attended a non-U.S. institution submit this form with the academic records/transcripts
  8. GRE scores (University of Michigan reporting code is 1839).  These are sent electronically to the University by ETS.  Please take your GRE exam BEFORE applying for admission.

International Students Only: If you received a degree from a non-US institution, be prepared to send:

  • Transcripts/official records from each undergraduate or postgraduate institution attended;
  • Official certification of degrees and dates awarded, issued in the original language.

If your first language is not English, please send one of these scores:


The application deadline is December 15.

Please note that you are responsible for the submission of a complete application.  You will be able to keep track of which materials for your application have arrived and which ones are still outstanding by consulting your Web Application Status page, to which you will have access once Rackham has received your application and application fee.

For further information:

On the programs:

Prof. Basil Dufallo

Director of Graduate Studies

734- 615-0925

On application procedures or the status of your application:

Molly Cravens

Graduate Program Coordinator



Note: All credentials submitted for admission consideration become the property of the University of Michigan and will not be returned in original or copy form.