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GCC Sakhnin - Intergroup Conflict, Co-Resistance, and Social Change

  • Sakhnin, Israel
  • Enrollment in ALA 228/Psych 312/Soc 375 - Intergroup Conflict and Coexistence in the Fall 2017 Term. 
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing
  • GPA 2.0
  • Hotel
  • Instruction in English
  • No language prerequisite

Join a new global learning opportunity in Jerusalem! Students who enroll in the Intergroup Conflict and Coexistence on-campus course in Fall 2017 will be eligible to participate in a field experience in May 2018 for additional credit. In Ann Arbor, you will develop dialogue skills and learn more about the role of your own social identities in social change work. You will study examples of social conflict based on religion, ethnicity, and culture.You will also explore current coalition building and coexistence work among various religious, ethnic, and cultural groups, and learn about successful movements towards just and lasting peace. In Israel, you will collaborate with Palestinian and Israeli students in developing a dialogue-based project centered on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and focused on education.