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PAID INTERNSHIP: Local Drug Start-up Nymirum Offers P/T Internship (Deadline: u/k)

Research Assistant Intern

Interested in learning about the world of biotechnology, drug discovery, and entrepreneurship?  Then Nymirum is the place for you!  

We are currently seeking a motivated intern to work in our biochemistry lab focusing on RNA-targeted drug discovery.  The intern will work with our RNA experts and directly contribute to Nymirum's cutting-edge research.  Technical aspects of the job include: RNA synthesis, performing biochemical and biophysical assays, and data analysis. 

Minimum requirements for this position include: (A) currently a 2nd-5th year undergraduate student majoring in a scientific discipline (e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry), and (B) research laboratory experience that includes careful handling of biological materials. 

Hours per week: 10-20

Hourly wage: $12-14 

If you are interested, please send your resume to:


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