More ways than ever to experience the out-of-doors, life-changing, integrative immersion that is academics at the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS)!

UMBS Course Extensions

A grant from the U-M Provost's office is helping us extend regular classes from the Ann Arbor campus to the Biological Station for a few weeks. At no additional cost to you!

The bulk of your instruction happens in the usual format during Winter or Fall Semester, 2017. BUT your class features a 2-4 week extension at the Biological Station. You'll shift gears to a field-focused experience where you collect data, interview people, visit sites in the world around you to learn more about how the things you studied in Ann Arbor apply outside the classroom.

Our first class extensions in this program will happen in spring and late summer at UMBS. Their corresponding "anchor" classes in Ann Arbor are offered this Winter Semester and next fall. These include:


  • Intro Chemistry Lab (CHEM 125/126)
  • Water Law and Policy (Environ 324)
  • Global Change (AOSS 172/Earth 172/Environ 111/GEOG 111)
  • Green Building (ARTDES 300.2)


Full Semester Field Courses

Of course we are still offering our usual slate of spring and summer field courses at the Biological Station. These 2-, 4- and 8-week classes are completely based at UMBS. 

Many of the classes focus on applied Biology and Ecology and satisfy requirements for Biology, EEB, PitE and other majors. We have several classes -- Environmental Writing and Great Lakes Literature, Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands, and Forest Ecosystems -- that fulfill LSA distribution categories. And a new field class, GIS Explorations, adds an applied twist to a high-demand class from Ann Arbor.

Please come see us in 2541 Chemistry Building, or call 734-763-4461 with any questions. We also answer emails at


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