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MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Mortar Board Senior Honors Society is seeking applicants for the 2017-2018 chapter (Deadline: Jan. 20, 2017)



Seeking Junior applicants for the Mortar Board Senior Honors Society 2017-2018 chapter!




Our History:

Mortar Board is a national senior honors society that was founded in 1918. Its primary focus is the advancement of the status of women through education and of promoting a comprehensive perspective of success in education and beyond. Its core values are Scholarship, Leadership, and Service and its efforts are focused on providing opportunities for committed scholars to pursue these values during their senior year through group meetings, seminars and service projects. The University of Michigan Mortar Board chapter was the first women's honorary society to be founded at the University of Michigan. It is one of the four original chapters of The Mortar Board Society and the first women’s honors society on this campus. The organization was founded in 1905 by four women, two Greek and two independent, with the aspiration to create a society that recognizes and promotes excellence in female scholars. Mortar Board's historical records illustrates the importance of Mortar Board to the University of Michigan community, as President James B. Angell reportedly proclaimed that “a long felt desire [had] finally been fulfilled” upon the organization’s founding. It is in this spirit that we are reinstating the University of Michigan Mortar Board chapter and that we continue to pursue a student membership that represents the whole of the University’s community and promotes a progressive perspective on academic excellence.



Mortar Board continues a tradition of fairness in its recruitment by seeking out a diverse group of women and men from across all disciplines. Although some juniors are tapped (asked to join) by their senior peers in person, to be fair and to ensure that Mortar Board will be comprised of outstanding members of our community, Mortar Board does everything it can to solicit applications from every constellation of campus and encourages students to apply whether or not they have been nominated.


To qualify for membership an applicant must prove scholastic excellence by maintaining at least a 3.4 GPA (this is the top 35% cut off for top students) and demonstrate an outstanding record of leadership and service to the University of Michigan community (broadly construed). We seek students with a commitment to education and gender and racial equality therein; any student who displays these qualities through leadership and service experience in their application but does not meet the 3.4 GPA requirement will therefore still be considered for membership. Additionally, since the inception of title IX Mortar Board has included male students in its membership.


The application attached below is due on January 20th, 2017.

Further inquiries should be directed to


*There are no fees to apply and those selected for membership will have their $80 membership fees waived.*


Please note: Attendance at biweekly meetings and participation in Mortar Board events is mandatory upon acceptance of membership, so please keep this time commitment for the winter term in mind as you apply.


Mortar Board Today:


Mortar Board’s activity on campus has increased over the past year. The club holds diverse events that range from Flowers Sales for commencements to workshops such as Cover Letter/Resume Editing and Interview Preparation.


Mortar board is currently collaborating with Auntie Nae and Alternatives for Girls (AFG)  to provide support to the members of the Detroit community. These collaborations have allowed the club to make a difference in the lives of many youth on a personal and fulfilling level. Mortar board also plays a role in campus decisions and is involved with CSG. The club has had many exciting socials including a Tiger’s game, Cider Mill trip, and attending a musical at the Michigan Philharmonic.


The events Mortar board hold have increased the sense of camaraderie and community among the members. We are a group of students who are extremely dedicated to making a difference.


Attached you will find a link to a Google Form for the nomination/application to join the Mortar Board Society. In addition to the submitting the form, please send both your resume and transcript to


Link to application/nomination form:

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