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Alumni and Friends


A message from the Program in Biology Chairs and Directors:

To the 2016 graduates of the Program in Biology,

We are honored to share this time with you, your family and your friends. We think that you made an excellent choice in selecting one of our biology majors for your undergraduate study at the University ofMichigan. This is an exciting time for the field of biology. The past 30 years have seen unprecedented expansion of our knowledge of how life on this planet came to be, how it is shaped by and how it shapes the global climate, and how it functions at the cellular and molecular level. You have experienced the excitement of discovery of the principles of how nature works, through your coursework and often through hands on experience in our research laboratories or in the field. You have also experienced a transformation in how science is taught, with state-of-the-art active learning approaches in the classroom, opportunities to engage with your instructors on many levels, and for some of you, the opportunity to learn to teach and mentor by serving as teaching assistants and peer advisors. Your biology professors are recognized internationally for their cutting edge research in the life sciences, and are also leaders and innovators in biology education.

You have probably heard the term the Michigan Difference. For the faculty and staff in the Program in Biology, the Michigan Difference is expressed by our deep caring for you as a person, to see that you develop the knowledge and skills that you need to pursue and thrive in your chosen career, and importantly, to be an engaged citizen of this great country and of the world. We are glad that we had the privilege of sharing withyou our fascination with biology, of teaching you in our classrooms and teaching laboratories, and mentoring you in our research laboratories. We wish you great success and happiness in your career.

Please keep in touch and Go Blue!

Letter to 2016 Graduates (PDF)