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Andreia Carrillo

Career Goal: Astronomy professor

Her Story: Andreia Carrillo has been interested in astronomy since grade school in the Philippines. She came to U-M on a teacher’s recommendation because astronomy wasn’t well-established in her country. She hopes one day to go back home and change that.

Favorite Experience: Working with Associate Professor Eric Bell on the formation of stellar halos. Andreia knew she wanted to do research but didn’t know how to go about it. The undergraduate advisor introduced her to several researchers for her to choose from. “I wasn’t experienced when I asked to do research, but Professor Bell and his graduate student walked me through all the programming and the science behind it,” she says. She’s now working on data reduction but hopes to do an observing run at Magellan in the future.

Why Astronomy? “Astronomy is so interesting because it can take you from the very specific to the vastest topic of all, cosmology. It’s amazing that we can observe stars and extrapolate when they were born and what they are composed of. And I love that there are still intriguing mysteries, like dark matter. There’s so much to discover.”