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GSI Hiring Policy


Our goal is to provide high-quality instruction in our courses.  Among applicants with comparable qualifications, priority goes to students for whom we bear the primary burden of providing professional training and financial assistance –that is, graduate students in Asian Languages and Cultures, and then graduate students in other related programs who are familiar with Asian studies.

All offers of employment are made in writing and are signed by the Department Chair.  Discussions or conversations regarding employment should not be interpreted as offers of employment.  The duration of a GSI appointment is for one term only.



1. A high degree of language proficiency for students interested in teaching language courses
2. A serious career interest in teaching either Asian language or culture
3. Previous background in the subject matter of the course to which you are applying
4. A score of at least 4 on the ELI Oral English Test for international students teaching culture courses (see below)



The College of LS&A requires that international graduate students teaching non-language courses have their English proficiency evaluated by the English Language Institute (ELI) on campus. This often means that students must have taken ELI 994: College Teaching at the University of Michigan—Language, Culture and Pedagogy (held in the Summer and Winter terms) and/or passed the Oral English Test (OET) with a score of 4. The only exemption to this would be either having earned an undergraduate degree from an institution whose primary language of instruction is English or previous experience teaching non-language courses within the College of LS&A.



1. ALC students
2. Students in other related units
3. Students from other departments, Schools, or Colleges
4. Students applying for Chinese or Japanese language positions who have taken either ASIANLAN 445 “Chinese Pedagogy” or ASIANLAN 432 “Japanese Pedagogy”



1. Apply to the GSI position posting by going to and clicking on “Graduate Student Appointments”;  use the Advanced Search option to search via the posting number indicated on the ALC GSI application form
2. Complete an application form available from the ALC website or main office; students must attach a CV and cover letter addressed to the Department Chair
3.    It is highly recommended that students have a recommendation letter from a faculty advisor to be included with their application
4. Submit application and attachments to the ALC office by the deadline



November 15 (for Winter positions)
April 1 (for Fall positions)

Review of applications will begin on the due date and will continue until the positions are filled.  Applications received after the due date will be considered only if the Department is still seeking applicants.



• Department allocations for GSIs come from the LS&A Dean’s Office.
• The Key Administrator and GSI Coordinator decide if the total resources will be adequate; if necessary, they make a request for additional resources.
• ALC graduate students are placed first. Then, the remaining positions are posted for interested students from other departments. Students apply for positions on and then submit a paper application to the ALC department office.
• The GSI Coordinator distributes the applications on file to the instructors of courses with an open GSI position. Some instructors may require an interview and/or class simulation as part of the application process before making their hiring recommendations to the department.
• The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) reviews all of the hiring recommendations, the funding needs of ALC doctoral students, and the applicants’ preferences, and develops a final hiring recommendation to the Department Chair.
• The Department Chair reviews the recommendations of the GPC and issues offer letters.