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Distribution Substitutions

You may petition for a Distribution exception if you feel that a course you've taken is appropriate for Distribution, but it does not currently have a designation. The Academic Standards Board does not overturn or change existing designations. (For example, if it's already labeled as HU, we would not consider a request to use it for SS.).

What Does the Board Look for in Distribution Petitions?

The Board will expect you to explain how the course is appropriate for the Distribution category you are choosing, and also how it fits with the general guidelines for Distribution courses.

In general, Distribution courses should:

  • Be broad in scope, rather than narrowly focused
  • Be accessible to students with no background in the subject
  • Be introductory in nature rather than a specialized upper-level course

These types of courses will not be approved for Distribution:

  • Independent studies, experiential, and research courses
  • Courses designed to develop or hone specific skills (e.g. introductory composition and language courses)

What Should I Include in My Petition?

  • A completed Distribution Petition Cover Sheet and Instructor Comment Form.
  • Your argument explaining how the course meets the College's criteria. "I need this to graduate" is not a valid argument. Keep your focus on the College's guidelines and be specific in explaining how you feel the course meets those criteria.
  • A detailed course description. (You may copy and paste from the LSA Course Guide if there is a detailed description there.)
  • A course syllabus.

How and Where Do I Submit My Petition?

Petitions and supporting documentation can be submitted in person, by mail, email, or FAX:

You will be notified of the Board’s decision by email.