Post Application Requirements

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Once you have been accepted to a program and you have committed to participate in that program by submitting the Participation Agreement, Registration and Withdrawal Policy and Budget Sheet by your deadline, you will be required to complete the following additional requirements. Failure to complete any requirements may cause you to forfeit your place in the program.


  • UM Participation Health Form (completed online in your MCompass application) and, if applicable, the Physician's Clearance Form (downloaded and submitted to the CGIS office).
  • Academic Advisor Approval
  • Travel itinerary
  • Other forms may be required depending on your personal situation or program; please review your MCompass Checklist for the list of items applicable to your program.




UC 285 Pre-Departure Course (1 credit)

Class sessions meet: Class will meet for 6 weeks
Course Dates:

Fall term: November-December.
Winter term: March-April

This interdisciplinary experiential course introduces students to intercultural learning and builds their intercultural capacity. It prepares students to make the most out of their respective global field opportunities by identifying and setting goals, developing skills for cross-cultural learning and adaptation, and formulating plans to put those skills to good use while participating in the global program. Students will also create an online Integrated Knowledge Portfolio (IKP) to help guide and integrate their learning experiences into their personal and academic development. The IKP will be a useful tool for students to use during and after their experience abroad to help document the amazing opportunities they engage in. The IKP will also be a wonderful resource for students to showcase in the future for potential employers and graduate school applications.

UC285 Registration Information: Register by permission of Timothy Corvidae.

Travel Registration

All students are required to register their travel plans on the University of Michigan Travel Registry before they depart for their program. Please read carefully the instructions in your MCompass Checklist to learn how to update your Travel Registry entry and when this requirement is due.

HTH Health Insurance

Following your acceptance into a CGIS program, CGIS will automatically enroll you in a comprehensive health insurance plan. As part of your visa application process, you may be required to provide proof of health insurance. You may download a pdf of your Plan Brochure, Certificate of Coverage, or Guide for Members through the UHS Travel Abroad Health Insurance website.

Extending HTH Coverage

You will be enrolled in HTH insurance for the official program dates. Upon enrollment, you will receive an email containing your HTH certificate, online account information, and official coverage dates. If you plan to travel before or after your program, you may elect to enroll for additional coverage, at your own expense. If you wish to do so, please first login to HTH Insurance.

Once you login, please follow the instructions in the video below.


Pass/Fail Contract (Optional)

Pass/Fail Contract (Optional) 
If you plan on taking a class pass/fail, please:

  1. Download & fill out a pass/fail contract.
    1. (PDF) Download Optional Pass/Fail Contract
    2. (MS Word) Download Optional Pass/Fail Contract
  2. Submit your Pass/Fail contract to your Intercultural Program Advisor by email. Please complete it within 3 weeks (Winter, Fall or Academic Year) or 2 weeks (Spring or Summer) after your program starts.


Financial Considerations

Please visit our financial considerations page for funding information, including scholarships and grants. Visit the program brochure page on M-Compass for program-specific cost information.


Program policies, as well as program-specific information can be found in our handbooks and supplements. It is important all participants carefully read through these program materials. Please refer to your program's M-Compass brochure page for program handbook supplements. The CGIS General Handbook is also available.

Additional Information

It is important to familiarize yourself with your new program location, such as learning local customs.

Country-Specific Information Information including crime, entry/exit requirements, and health information.
Embassy Listing U.S. Department of State's listing of embassies including addresses, hours of operation, and how to contact them in the event of an emergency.
International Student ID Cards U-M International Center's website explaining benefits of buying an international student ID card, as well as where to purchase it.
Students Abroad - Department of State U.S. Department of State's website designed for students who will be studying abroad. Information includes travel tips, health, safety and emergency procedures.
UHS Travel Health Information from the U-M's University Health Service on international traveling, health insurance, and tips to stay healthy.