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GCC programs include 2 components: an on-campus course and an off-campus field experience. The field experience is a short extension of the on-campus course during which particular themes and topics introduced on campus are explored. To participate in the field experience, you must enroll in and complete the on-campus course.

These unique UM-faculty-led programs are a great way to maximize learning during a short-term study abroad experience. Preparation in the classroom before you go abroad makes it easy to hit the ground running with solid cultural context. And GCC programs allow for close-knit relationships between students and faculty. You get to know your team well throughout the semester leading up to the field component.

GCC Brazil—Teaching ESL in Brazil

Teach English to children and adults at 3 rural sites in the Pantanal region of Brazil.

GCC Brazil—Theatre and Incarceration

Learn how theatre can support community dialogue and social change.

GCC Grenada—Perspectives in Global and Community Health

Explore issues in health care, human rights, and the environment.

GCC China—Research in Educational and Cross-Cultural Settings

Compare Chinese and American educational models and values.

GCC India—Perspectives in Global and Community Health

Explore issues in healthcare, human rights, and environmental effects on health.

GCC Japan—Japanese Art and Culture

Delve into the cultural, religious, and literary life of the Japanese with this historical overview of the archipelago’s visual culture.

GCC United Kingdom—Oil, Development, and the Discourse
of Power

Examine violence and power and their relationship to oil as a non-renewable natural resource.