Global Scholarship

Rebecca Volpano in China

Rebecca Volpano in China

The Barger Leadership Institute Global Scholarship is designed to support students who are pursuing rich educational and developmental experiences through a formal study abroad program. Special priority is given to programs in non-English speaking or developing countries. This award will provide limited financial assistance for tuition, airfare, or additional living expenses for studying abroad.

BLI Global Scholarships are supported by the James H.M. Sprayregen Scholarship Fund and the Blattman-Borg Awards Funds.

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Find out more about recent Global Scholars by selecting a region below:

Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East

Michael Bodker (‘15)
Ross Undergraduate August International Course in India
Chennai/Delhi/Mumbai, India
Summer 2014

Jessica Eller (‘16)
Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU) India
Amritsar, India
Summer 2014

Margaret Goelz (‘16)
CET Academic Programs
Irbid, Jordan
Summer 2014

Sarah Goomar (‘14)
International Studies Abroad Morocco
Meknes, Morocco
Summer 2014

Jordan Mizell (‘15)
Beijing Foreign Studies University
Beijing, China
Winter 2014

Lauren Roth (‘15)
Tel Aviv University School for Overseas Students
Tel Aviv, Israel
Winter 2014

Rebecca Volpano (‘15)
CIEE/East China Normal University - Business, Language, and Culture Program
Shanghai, China
Winter 2014

Central, North, and South America and the Caribbean

Somalia Jones (‘15)
Michigan Ross School of Business May International Course
San Jose, Costa Rica
Summer 2014

Taylor Clayborne (‘15)
CGIS/IES: Latin American Societies and Culture
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Winter 2014

Liana Kallman (Fall 2014)
SUNY Oswego Program at Universidad de La Habana
Havana, Cuba
Winter 2014

Gurdit Suri (‘16)
ESAN Graduate School of Business
Lima, Peru
Winter 2014


Anna Luna Archey (‘16)
CGIS: Spanish 230
Grenada, Spain
Summer 2014

Taylor Garland (‘16)
CGIS: Contemporary London
Camden, London UK/England
Summer 2014

Zain Halawani (‘16)
SIT Study Abroad Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy
Summer 2014

Julien Brathwaite (‘16)
Engineering – IPE: University of Manchester
Manchester, England
Winter 2014

Alli Matson (‘15)
Michigan-Cornell-Penn Program/Universidad de Sevilla
Seville, Spain
Winter 2014

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