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BLI Fellows

BLI Fellows Engaged at the Fellows Retreat

The Leadership Fellows program is the co-curricular core of the Barger Leadership Institute’s educational activities. We seek to engage students from any program on campus at every stage of their undergraduate careers in BLI activities. These activities are designed to inspire promising undergraduates to develop their knowledge and skills through rich experiences that they help to devise. The BLI fellows are a campus-wide community of emerging student leaders and the program involves additional leadership and social activities designed by faculty and students.    

Fellows must be nominated by UM faculty, staff, or previous BLI Fellows to participate. Once students have accepted their nominations, they are eligible to participate in social events and leadership activities such as:

  • Meals with visiting alumni
  • Guest speakers
  • Peer-organized social events
  • Faculty-guided special topics workshops

Students will also be invited to participate in the first year centerpiece of the BLI Fellows program, our month-long Leadership Lab.

What is the Leadership Lab?
This hands-on, interactive workshop is specially designed to help students develop the skills and confidence they need to grow as leaders. Group exercises and a self-designed team project allow them to practice and reflect on key leadership roles.  Their experiences in the Leadership Lab will help them be more confident and successful in their work on campus, in their community, and in the world.  

The BLI Leadership Lab will be offered three times a year. It involves eleven hours of work over one full month.  There will be four, two-hour sessions and three hour-long group meetings your team will schedule at your convenience.  Fellows must commit to participating in all activities in order to take part in the Lab.

What Will Fellows Learn in the Leadership Lab?  
The Leadership Lab will help students learn to:

  • Work with a group to identify important problems, develop innovative solutions, implement and improve their ideas
  • Collect evidence about problems and solutions that are important to them through leadership experiments that test their ideas against the world
  • Build a leadership “toolkit” that is based on their own skills, ability, vision, and personal style
  • Reflect on their experiences in order to continuously improve their effectiveness and the teams the work with

What Happens Next?
Successful completion of the Leadership Lap makes students eligible to apply for BLI funding support for:

In addition to funding, there are many ways for students to stay involved with the BLI and deepen their leadership learning across an entire career at Michigan. After their first year in the BLI, interested students can actively contribute to the larger BLI community by becoming Senior Fellows or Student Facilitators for the Leadership Lab series. These opportunities allow for students to continue their growth as leaders and become resources and mentors to their peers.

Interested in nominating an undergraduate University of Michigan student for the BLI Leadership Fellows Program? Click here to submit a nomination and make sure to include the following: Your full name, your unit/department, the student's full name, the student's UM email address, any information you have on the student's academic year and major, and a few sentences explaining why this student would be a great addition to the Fellows Program. The deadline for submitting nominations for the 2015-16 cohort is Friday, September 18, 2015.

To learn more about the Leadership Fellows Program Pathway, click here.

For 2015-16 BLI Leadership Fellows Program dates, see our Events Calendar.