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Program in Biology

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Jayakrishnan Nandakumar's (MCDB) Work Shows How Mutation Causes Incurable Premature Aging Disease

"We envision that correcting the mutation in the stem cells of the patient will reverse the cellular symptoms of the disease, if and when such technology becomes available," Nandakumar said.

Patricia Wittkopp (EEB) Contributes to Cell Journal's "Big Questions in Evolution"

"The potential to predict paths of evolutionary change is especially exciting, as it could be used to help combat cancer, control disease outbreaks, and develop bioengineering solutions to the diverse challenges we face in our changing world."


We strive to support the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts on the front lines of learning and research; to steward our planet, our community, our campus. To do this, Biology needs you—because the world needs Victors.

Welcome to the Program in Biology!

Our program represents a collaboration between the departments of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) & Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology (MCDB) and encompasses a breadth of disciplines spanning all levels of organization.  Students can choose from an array of majors and minors (and a wide spectrum of career opportunities)! 

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The Program in Biology receives announcements for volunteer opportunities, internships, employment, and much more. 


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