Recent Ph.D. Recipients

Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer - Divining Bureaucracy: Divination Manuals as Technology and the Standardization of Efficacy in Early China (M. Brown, 2014)

Nirinjan Khalsa - The Renaissance of Sikh Devotional Music: Memory, Identity, Orthopraxy (A. Mandair, 2014)

Rufin Jeremy Saul - Gods for the Modern Era: The Rise of Miracle Shrines in Northwestern India (A. Mandair, 2013)

Molly Des Jardin - Editing Identity: Literary Anthologies and the Construction of the Author in Meiji Japan (J. Zwicker, 2012) Postdoctoral Fellow, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University

Brian Dowdle - Transformations in Print: The Reception and Recreation of Edo-period Fiction in Turn-of-the-Century Japan (J. Zwicker, 2012) Assistant Professor, University of Montana

Kristina Vassil - Passages: Writing Diasporic Identity in the Literature of Early Twentieth-Century Japanese America (K. Ito, 2011) Assistant Professor, Colgate University  

Gang Liu - The Poetics of Miscellaneousness: The Literary Design of Liu Yiqing's Qiantang yishi and its Song-Yuan Historical Context (S. Lin, 2010) Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Lenore Szekely - Private Reading, Public Performance: Generic Convention and Consumption in Seventeenth-Century China (D. Rolston, 2010) Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia

David Henry - Momotaro, or the Peach Boy: Japan's Best-Loved Folktale as National Allegory (K. Ito, 2009) Assistant Professor, University of Alaska - Fairbanks

Jason Herlands - Narrating Intoxication in Japan in the Wake of the 1960s (K. Ito, 2009) Visiting Assistant Professor, Swathmore College

David Tien - Discursive Resources and Collapsing Polarities: The Religious Thought of Tang Dynasty Scholar-Officials (J. Robson, 2009)

David Fiordalis - Miracles and Superhuman Powers in South Asian Buddhist Literature (L. O. Gomez, 2008) Assistant Professor, Linfield College

Myeong-Seok Kim - An Inquiry into the Development of the Ethical Theory of Emotions in the analects and the Mencius (W. Baxter, 2008) Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University

Carolyn Fitzgerald - Routes through Exile and Memory: The War of Resistance (1937-45) and Displacement in Chinese Art and Literature (L. Liu/D. Rolston, 2007) Assistant Professor, Auburn College

Hoyt J. Long - On Uneven Ground: Provincializing Cultural Production in Interwar Japan (K. K. Ito, 2007) Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

David Elstein - Friend or Father? Competing Visions of Master-Student Relations in Early China (W. Baxter/M. Brown, 2006) Assistant Professor, SUNY-New Paltz

Andrew Quintman - Mi la ras pa's Many Lives: Anatomy of a Tibetan Biographical Corpus (D. Lopez, 2006) Assistant Professor, Yale University

Alexander Gardner - The Twenty-Five Great Sites of Khams: Religious Geography, Revelation, and Nonsectarianism in Nineteenth-Century Eastern Tibet (D. Lopez, 2006) Assistant Director, Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation

Peter Alexander Bates - Fractured Communities: Class and Ethnicity in Representations of the Great Kanto Earthquake (K. Ito, 2006) Assistant Professor, Dickinson College

Jan Leuchtenberger - Demons and Conquerers: The West, Japan and the World in Early-Modern Kirishitan Texts (E. Ramirez-Christensen, 2005) Associate Professor, University of Puget Sound

Benjamin Bogin - The Life of Yol mo Bstan 'dzin nor bu: A Critical Edition, Translation, and Study of the Memoirs of a Seventeenth-Century Tibetan Buddhist Lama (D. Lopez, 2005) Associate Professor, Skidmore College

Benjamin Ridgway - Imagined Travel: Displacement, Landscape, and Literati Identity in the Song Lyrics of Su Shi (1037-1101) (S. Lin, 2005) Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University

Jeremy Robinson - The Tsukushi Man'yôshû Poets and the Invention of Japanese Poetry (E. Ramirez-Christensen, 2004) Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University

So-Hyeon Park - Law, Ideology, and Popular Culture: A Study of Traditional Crime Fiction in Late Imperial China and Choson Korea (D. L. Rolston, 2004) Senior Researcher, Academy of East Asian Studies at the Sungkyunkwan

Lisa Marie Rogers - Nature and Ethics in Late Qing Thought (S. Lin/D. Munro, 2004)

Patrick A. Pranke - The "Treatise on the Lineage of Elders" (VAMSADIPANI): Monastic Reform and the Writing of Buddhist History in Eighteenth-Century Burma (L. O. Gomez, 2004) Assistant Professor, University of Louisville

Jacob Dalton - The Uses of the Dgongs Pa 'Dus Pa'I Mdo in the Development of the Rnying-Ma School of Tibetan Buddhism (D.S. Lopez, 2002) Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Timothy J. Van Compernolle - A Dialogue Between Past and Present: The Fiction of Higuchi Ichiyo (1872-96) (K. K. Ito, 2001) Associate Professor, Amherst College

Matthew E. Fryslie - The Texual Eunuch: Image and Anxiety in the Mingshi (D. L. Rolston, 2001) Assistant Professor, Grinnell College

Ruth Kelley Goetz - Investigating Language Maintenance: Social Correlates of Language Choice Among the Dehong Dai (W. H. Baxter, 2001)

Zeff Bjerken - The Mirror-work of Tibetan Religious Historians: A Comparison of Buddhist and Bon Historiography (D. S. Lopez, 2000) Associate Professor and Department Chair, College of Charleston

Jin Feng - The Contextualization of the Deracinated Woman: Auto/Biographical Representation of the Women ouside the Family in May Fourth Chinese Fiction (Y. M. Feuerwerker, 2000) Associate Professor, Grinnell College

Lili Selden - Discourses of Desire in Genji Monogatari (E. Ramirez-Christensen, 2000) Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College

David Rosenfeld - Unhappy Soldier: Hino Ashihei and Japanese World War Two Literature (K. K. Ito, 1999)

Catherine Ryu - Configuiring Female Authorship in Japanese Cultural History: The Case of Ono No Komachi (E. Ramirez-Christensen, 1999) Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Richi Sakakibara - Writing at the Crossroads: Postwar Fiction of Dazai Osamu (K. K. Ito, 1999) Associate Professor, Waseda University - Japan

Sarah Wang - Out of Control: The Place of Shanshui (Mountains and Rivers) in the Geographical Discourse of Early Imperial China (K. J. DeWoskin, 1999)

Charles E. Fox - Kitahara Hakushu and His Modern Poetic Sequence (E. Ramirez-Christensen, 1998) Professor, Ritsumeikan University - Kyoto, Japan

James R. Reichert - Representations of Male-Male Sexuality in Meiji-Period Literature (K. K. Ito, 1998) Associate Professor, Stanford University

Maija Bell Samei - Gendered Persona and Poetic Voice: The Abandoned Woman in Tang and Five Dynasties Song Lyrics (S-F. Lin, 1998)

Patricia Welch - Discourse Strategies and the Humor of Rakugo (K. Jones/E. Ramirez-Christensen, 1998) Associate Professor, Hofstra University

Yanming An - The Idea of Cheng (Integrity): Its Formation in the History of Chinese Philosophy (D. J. Munro, 1997) Associate Professor, Clemson University

Margaret Baker - Translated Images of the Foreign in the Early works of Lin Shu (1852-1924) and Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973): Accommodation and Appropriation (Y. M. Feuerwerker, 1997)

Sungjin Hyun - In Search of the Meaning of Writing: A Study of Modern Chinese Diary Fiction (Y. M. Feuerwerker, 1997) Teaching Chinese Culture and Language at Daewoo Company in South Korea

Dian Li - Writing in Crisis: Translation, Genre, and Identity in Modern Chinese Poetry (Y. M. Feuerwerker, 1997) Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Reiko Ohnuma - Dehadana: The 'Gift of the Body' in Indian Buddhist Narrative Literature (L. O. Gomez, 1997) Associate Professor, Dartmouth College

David Moser - Abstract Thinking and Thought in Ancient Chinese and Early Greek (D. J. Munro, 1996)

Brook Ziporyn - What's So Good About Good and Evil (D. J. Munro, 1996) Professor,  University of Chicago